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Brake lines

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Brake lines – Hydraulic fittings The BERINGER brake line is stainless steel braided.

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Wrench adapter for nut ECR-001 (square 3/4")

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B'FleX LG : preserve your Aircraft (Download B'Flex LG PDF)

Designed for Aircraft with leaf LG, B'FleX will absorbe shocks on rough terrains.

B'FleX is made of three elements : one Zicral leg for central absorption and two fixing and connecting pieces (axle and cabin).

It is twice as strong as steel LG and much lighter.

+ Evolving profile : B'FleX gear has a specific profile (width-thickness) allowing an excellent stress distribution all along the landing gear

+ No more parasisitic movements : from front to back of the LG leg at braking

+ Absorption is better as well as airframe preservation

Technical datas :

• Tested at 1 350 lbs (600 kg) and 3G without permanent deformation

• Made of aluminum and Zicral, CNC machined from aluminum billet

• Weighs only 6.8 Lbs (3.1kg) per side

Remarks :

Available for LSA, Ultralight / experimental Aircraft, kits ... with tricycle or taildraggers configuration and with max takeoff weight of 1,350 Lbs (600kg).

Please refer to the Kit pages (sorted alphabetically).

If your aircraft is not listed, please contact us.

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Brand: B'Flex LG


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B'FleX LG : preserve your Aircraft Designed for Aircraft with leaf LG, B'FleX will absorbe shocks on rough terrains. 

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