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Crosswind… Are you ready ? Ground-Loop Resistant tailwheel, safety for taildraggers (Download GLR PDF)

Two-pivot system, locking lever in the cockpit :

• Unlocked : the tailwheel is free castering for parking. Steering is done with the brakes.

• Locked : the tailwheel is locked with a freedom of +/- 20° for take off, landing and taxiing. Steering is done with the rudder pedals.

For taildraggers with a MTOW up to 750 kg / 1650 lbs. Solid design for off-airport use.

The GLR tailwheel, combined with the ALG landing gear, can be considered as the ULTIMATE SOLUTION for Bushplanes .

Bring a whole new dimension of freedom to your STOL with BERINGER equipments !

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