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Brake lines

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Brake lines – Hydraulic fittings The BERINGER brake line is stainless steel braided.

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Certification document
Certification document

Certification document

These innovations are covered by 11 patents and have allowed BERINGER brakes to take a decisive technological lead.

Quality and Certification BERINGER AERO is certified by the Alternative Procedures to Design Organisation Agreement given by EASA in 2006, by the Production Organisation Agreement given by DGAC in 2008 and by the PMA production approval given by the FAA.

COC is a certificate of conformity issued to you.

At BERINGER, quality is not only respect for procedures that the EASA certifies, such as the Design Approval Organization and the Production Approval Organization (Part 21G). Quality is a pledge of trust to our clients: our clients entrust us with their lives. To remain worthy of this trust, we offer a lifetime warranty ( liability insurance) on materials and craftsmanship on all our products.

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